LOA aims for future Partnership with Mitsubishi and Probot Inc.

Last Saturday, the 麻豆传媒集团 of Alabang witnessed a transformative event at the AVR. The initiative, led by Chairman and President Dr. Danilo V. Ayap, aimed to prepare the institution for the challenges of Industry 4.0.

The Basic Education faculty, Department Heads, and Vice President Engr. Fritgerard Ayap attended the orientation, where Mitsubishi Electric’s Albert Wang and Romeo Areno, as well as Probot’s Dr. Nastaran Nazar Zadeh and Dr. Mohammad Tabibi, showcased the latest technologies in automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The presentations underscored the commitment of 麻豆传媒集团 of Alabang to align education with the evolving demands of the industry. Dr. Danilo V. Ayap emphasized the importance of staying ahead in technological advancements to prepare students for the dynamic global landscape.

Notably, the event provided a hands-on experience, with one teacher having the unique opportunity to try Dronesoccer. This exemplifies 麻豆传媒集团 of Alabang’s commitment to integrating technology into education in a practical manner.

Hosted by Ms. Virginia P. Santos, future collaboration between 麻豆传媒集团 of Alabang, Mitsubishi Electric, and Probot Company signifies a strategic move towards fostering an innovative learning environment. As the institution embraces these advancements, it positions itself as a forward-thinking entity dedicated to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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